When organising your next hunting trip it is essential to prepare with all the necessary gear, which includes a good set of hunting socks.

Aussie hunters need protection from blisters on the long tramp through the bush. They also need socks that dry quickly in the event of rainy weather, will keep feet warm on those early morning starts, and provide support when carrying out a big animal.

In other words: hunting socks have their work cut out for them.

Not just any pair of socks will do for your hunting trip. Being marketed as ‘hunting socks’ isn’t enough. Work your way through this handy checklist of what you should be looking for in your next pair of trusty and reliable hunting socks.

The Best Hunting Socks Have the Right Materials

Identifying the best hunting socks starts with assessing the materials. Quality or brand means nothing if your hiking socks aren’t made of the right fabrics.

Quick Dry

100% cotton will keep your feet warm, but it will also keep your feet wet. If the weather turns, you’re traversing a creek, or you step in a puddle, you can count on having soggy feet until you get home. Hiking socks made with Merino wool and polyester, instead of cotton, are the quick-dry tramping socks you’re looking for.

Anti-Blister Design

Blisters are the last thing you want on a tramping trip, as any hunter knows the pain they can cause. Most blisters are caused by a combination of friction, heat, and moisture. And your hiking socks can either prevent blisters–or make things worse. Anti-blister hiking socks wick away moisture, minimise friction, and keep your feet cool to avoid the build-up of sweat. Overly-thick cotton hiking socks can bunch up, adding to blister-causing friction, which is why many hunters choose double-layer socks.

Extra Protection in the Right Spots

Different areas of your feet require different levels of protection. Many hunting socks strategically pad high-impact areas of your feet–a great tactic to add protection while maintaining breathability. However, the best hiking socks do even more. They use strategic inner and outer layers to maximise durability and comfort.

Materials For Outdoors, That Protect the Outdoors

About 85% of textile waste ends up in landfills, meaning the clothing we buy significantly impacts our environment. The best hiking socks help enhance our environment by using recycled Repreve polyester, which coincidentally happens to be one of the best materials for hiking socks. Choosing hiking socks with recycled materials means you can enjoy the outdoors while contributing to the sustainable treatment of nature.

Wrightsock’s Blister Free Hunting Socks

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Choose a pair from our selection of blister-free hunting socks, and say goodbye to blisters.

Happy hunting!